2017 Employment Opportunities at The Tree Farm

Summer Labor Opportunity at the Tree Farm

Put on your headphones and pull weeds, or open your mind and learn unconventional agriculture and retail from retired University of Wisconsin faculty while you work.

Must be willing and able to work hard and work smart. Must be willing and able to perform physical labor eight or more hours per day outdoors in any and all weather (except lightning). Most of the work is hoeing and weeding vegetable crops. Other duties will be widely varied and may include irrigation, transplanting, mowing, and retail.

Opportunity for a business student to learn how a business does everything "wrong" but still succeeds for over forty years -- and pull a lot of weeds. Opportunity for an agriculture, horticulture, biology, or ecology student to gain valuable hands-on experience -- and hoe a lot of weeds. Opportunity for an engineering student to learn about farm equipment -- and weed a lot of vegetables.

If you accept this job, you will work hard, you will learn, and you will feel like you accomplished something at the end of the season. Unfortunately, the pay is lousy, and there are no benefits.

Please enquire at farm@thetreefarm.net or 608.798.2286

The Tree Farm
The Pick-your-own Vegetables Place
In Northwestern Dane County, Wisconsin, serving Madison and the surrounding area
8454 State Road 19
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Updated June 01 2017

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